The mission of IRIS Solar Energy is to contribute in the global drive to utilize renewable energy sources using most economical methods available through innovation.

The goal of IRIS Solar Energy is to lead India solar market and establish as major player in International market.

For IRIS Solar Energy, it is important that customer should receive quality products at the price at par or rather less than that compared to international manufacturer. IRIS Solar Energy also believes that quality products can be manufactured in India that will meet global standards while keeping up with technological advances.

IRIS Solar Energy is established through evaluation of various options available to explore solar energy. IRIS Solar Energy narrowed down the search for right technology on QSOLAR due to the innovation it brings in which will help reduce the cost of solar energy.

Benefits of QSOLAR panels to the customers over existing traditional solar panels:

- No EVA, top glass or frame required giving benefit in reduced cost

- Positive tolerance

- Freedom to use any substrate instead of glass, freedom to use solar cells of any color and freedom to control transparency of panels.

- Embedded solar system (ESS) process gives freedom to install solar panels anywhere, integrated into any surface (BIPV)